Custom Trucks at Lindsay Buick GMC, in Kawartha Lakes, ON

Need an extra edge for your truck? Want to be better equipped for the tough Ontario winters, or better clearance and control for off-road adventures? Maybe you’re just looking to stand out from the crowd? Explore lift kit and customization options from us here at Lindsay Buick GMC! We’re proud to do truck customization work right in-house. If you’re purchasing a new truck and are thinking of getting further work done to it, let our certified mechanics get the job done right. Our mechanics are factory-trained, so you’ll get top quality work done by staff who know the ins and outs of your pickup. Let Lindsay Buick GMC customize your truck to your liking and have us be your one-stop new truck solution!

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GMC Sierra Lift

Get the advantage of higher ground clearance on your Sierra and tackle any obstacle the road can throw your way. From pesky snow and sleet to rocks, logs and more. Not to mention the additional view from being higher up.

Lifted GMC Sierra with Back Rack

Provide yourself with the extra protection and utility of a back rack. Whether you need to mount additional gear or protect yourself from your truck bed cargo in case of an accident, this handy piece of equipment quite literally has your back!

Lifted GFX Sierra

Experience the superior traction, control and towing capacity added from lifting your truck. If you’re going to be doing serious towing jobs, lifted trucks place less stress and tension on shocks and suspension while towing, resulting in an overall safer tow job.

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